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  • ZoomDust16

    Lab Rats: Adeleo

    February 19, 2016 by ZoomDust16

    Main Cast: - Adam - Leo – Daniel

    Episode 1: Back at the Academy;

    While Bree and Chase are in a Elite Force, Adam and Leo live in the Bionic Academy with all the other bionic soldiers. The first day without Bree and Chase....

    • Adam and Leo wake up in the mentor quarters

    Adam: Chase, get ready so I can hit you.

    Leo: Another day to make sure Bree stays safe.

    • They both spot the capsules and miss Bree and Chase.

    Leo: Ok Adam, I miss Bree and Chase too, but we have to stay focused, it doesn't matter where we are we will always be a team.

    Adam: I miss Bree and Punching Bag :(

    Leo: Me too. Adam, I have to confess something to you.

    Adam: Ok what is it?

    Leo: Nevermind, anyways lets go hangout with our friends, you with Bob and your Bionic Bros, while I hang out…

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  • ZoomDust16

    Can't Wait!

    February 18, 2016 by ZoomDust16

    I am very excited for this project to start :))

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