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    One of my first fan fictions

    January 24, 2016 by Susz13

                                Mr. Davenport's POV.

    I watched as my two sons were playing with Adam's blocks, Adam was trying to make it really tall and Chase was telling him that they needed a strong structure at the bottom so it didn't fall. It was so weird hearing my 4 year old son talking to his 6 year old brother like he was a high school student. I turned back to my work when my 5 year old daughter Bree super sped over to me. Did I mention my kids were bionic? She was always wearing a tutu over her suit, she wanted a dress, but I refused. She was tugging at my arm, so I put down my pencil and picked her up."What do you need honey?" I asked putting her in my lap."Prince stuffy invited me to his ball and I don't know how to dance, please d…

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