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• 6/29/2016

Chat Party | July 3 @ 7pm ET

Hey everyone,
We have decided to have another chat party! Since July 4 is Independence Day and the Lab Rats: Elite Force winners will be announced on the 1st, we thought this would be the perfect time.
There will be games like True or False, Finish That Line (from different tv shows and movies. Not just EF), Would You Rather and roleplaying.
If anyone has any requests for games, please leave a notice on my message wall. Thanks, and we hope to see you all at the chat party!
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• 5/29/2016

Chat Meeting | @ 10pm ET Tonight (May 29)

Hello everyone,
Tonight will be our first club meeting @ 10pm ET. I realize it is a bit late to announce this just several hours before, but this is really important and the date was just decided yesterday.
It's okay if you can't attend or can only stay for a few minutes. At the meeting we will be discussing new members, ideas for how to keep the wiki active and activities we can do to gather more new members.
We will also be playing games and be roleplaying a bit as well. Please let us know if you can't attend before the meeting begins. We hope to see some users there. :)
Thanks, Stardust16
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