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• 7/13/2016

The winner of our fan art contest!

After looking at all the posts, the winner of the first Lab Rats 2nd generation wiki fan art contest is...

Please accept your ribbon down below and I'll see you next month.
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• 6/27/2016

Fan Art Contests- June/July 2016

Hey everyone,
We are now starting our first ever Fan Art Contest! The topic this time is.... Sebastian/S-3 and Chase!
Basically, anything goes, just as long as it's about Sebastian and Chase. You will have until July 4 to finish your fan art and voting will begin on July 5. Voting will be closed on the 11th and the winners will then be announced on the 12th.
You can either post your fan art on here (please create a title for it too) or on another site, such as DeviantArt, but then you must provide a link for your fan art.
Susz, will be in charge of this contest, so if you have any questions, please go to her and leave a post on her message wall or simply leave a reply here.
If you want to vote, please leave a comment stating which fan art you like best. Voting will take place on this blog.
Have fun! Stardust16
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