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• 5/29/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

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Have fun!
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• 8/12/2016

Wiki Awards Chat Party | August 15 @ 6PM ET

Hey everybody!
So, Emerald and I have finally came up with a date for the Wiki Awards Party. It will take place on August 15th, and will take place from 6-7pm ET. Once a winner is announced, the said winner will give a short 2-3 minute speech, if they wish and afterwards, some games will take place.
If you have any questions or problems, please leave me a post on my message wall.
Thanks, Stardust16
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• 7/19/2016

Wiki Awards Voting Polls

Hey guys! Since I thought this might be easier, you can just post the number and a letter, which indicates the poll and who you vote for. For example:
Poll 4.
Vote: C

1. Favourite Mod?
A) Chase McFly
B) Duggie Davenport
2. Favourite Admin?
A) EmeraldTulip
B) Stardust16
C) Susz13
D) Lover5432
E) SuperSaiyanLabRats
3. Favourite Author?
A) EmeraldTulip
B) Stardust16
C) Susz13
4. Favourite User?
A) Chase McFly
B) Stardust16
C) EmeraldTulip
5. User of the Year?
A) EmeraldTulip
B) Susz13
C) UnknownBlock
D) Chase McFly
Remember that you only have 2 weeks to vote!
Have fun voting! Stardust16
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• 7/19/2016

Chat Part Voting | July 16- 29

Hey everyone!
I am so sorry for the late voting. EmeraldTulip is currently inactive and I completely forgot about this. Here are all of the nominees:
Favourite Mod

Chase McFly
Duggie Davenport
Favourite Admin

Favourite Author

Favourite User

Chase McFly
User of the Year

Chase McFly
And those are all the nominees! Another forum post will be created with polls so you can all vote. We hope you all vote fairly and if we find out that a user has voted for him/herself, then that person shall be blocked until the wiki awards chat party is over (the date is still to be determined).
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• 7/13/2016

The winner of our fan art contest!

After looking at all the posts, the winner of the first Lab Rats 2nd generation wiki fan art contest is...

Please accept your ribbon down below and I'll see you next month.
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• 7/2/2016

Chat Party & Wiki Awards Voting!

Hey, everyone!
So Star and I have decided to hold our first chat party on the 3rd of July. That's in two days, people! We're holding our first Wiki Awards, too. The nominations and voting will occur this month, and the announcments will be next month. The categories are:
Favorite Admin
Favorite Moderator
Favorite User
Favorite Fanfiction Author
Favorite Fan Artist (N/A this month, we don't have any fan art yet)
Nominees and voting will both take place over 2 weeks (July 2-15 & July 16-29). We hope you can join us at the chat party, and nominate people below!
~EmeraldTulip, Administrator
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• 6/29/2016

Chat Party | July 3 @ 7pm ET

Hey everyone,
We have decided to have another chat party! Since July 4 is Independence Day and the Lab Rats: Elite Force winners will be announced on the 1st, we thought this would be the perfect time.
There will be games like True or False, Finish That Line (from different tv shows and movies. Not just EF), Would You Rather and roleplaying.
If anyone has any requests for games, please leave a notice on my message wall. Thanks, and we hope to see you all at the chat party!
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• 6/27/2016

Fan Art Contests- June/July 2016

Hey everyone,
We are now starting our first ever Fan Art Contest! The topic this time is.... Sebastian/S-3 and Chase!
Basically, anything goes, just as long as it's about Sebastian and Chase. You will have until July 4 to finish your fan art and voting will begin on July 5. Voting will be closed on the 11th and the winners will then be announced on the 12th.
You can either post your fan art on here (please create a title for it too) or on another site, such as DeviantArt, but then you must provide a link for your fan art.
Susz, will be in charge of this contest, so if you have any questions, please go to her and leave a post on her message wall or simply leave a reply here.
If you want to vote, please leave a comment stating which fan art you like best. Voting will take place on this blog.
Have fun! Stardust16
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• 6/27/2016

Fanfiction Contest #1

Hey, everyone!

So, this is our first ever Fanfiction Contest! Let's get to it:

Our prompt this time is, drumroll please... *instert drumroll here* Taylor/S-1!

That's right, ya'll can write a story about Taylor - before the Triton App, her time as a soldier, anything goes - and then submit it by leaving the link below! I'll set up a poll and we'll give out awards at the end!

You will have until July 4 to finish your fanfics and voting will begin on July 5. Voting will be closed on the 11th and the winners will then be announced on the 12th.

Hope you guys have as much fun writing as we had creating this contest!


UnknownBlock/Rise, My Soldier Rise!
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• 6/25/2016

Administrator Meeting- June 27 @5pm ET

Hello administrators,
It is summer and we are still preparing to get this wiki started up. This wiki was created back in January and since then, we have planned a lot, but never discussed them. That is why I am requesting a chat meeting on June 27 @5pm ET.
If anyone is unable to make it, please leave a reply or leave a notice on my message wall and I will change the date and/or time. Here are some of the things we may discuss at the meeting.
- Fanfiction Contests
- Fan Art Contests
- Music Video Contests
- Two Week News Blog (This blog will be posted every two weeks, updating all the users on what's happening on the wiki.)
- Spreading the Word of the Wiki
- Upcoming Chat Parties
Thanks, and I hope to see you all then! Stardust16
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• 5/29/2016

Chat Meeting | @ 10pm ET Tonight (May 29)

Hello everyone,
Tonight will be our first club meeting @ 10pm ET. I realize it is a bit late to announce this just several hours before, but this is really important and the date was just decided yesterday.
It's okay if you can't attend or can only stay for a few minutes. At the meeting we will be discussing new members, ideas for how to keep the wiki active and activities we can do to gather more new members.
We will also be playing games and be roleplaying a bit as well. Please let us know if you can't attend before the meeting begins. We hope to see some users there. :)
Thanks, Stardust16
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